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WebMeUp - SEO tools for results-driven SEO: *daily rankings, *timely backlink updates, *spot-on competitive
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14 July 2014

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This is a SEO tool that takes care of backlinks too.

The game of search engine optimization (SEO) tries to list your website as high as possible. The basic issue here is that as your rankings go lower, particularly beyond the first page, the traffic generated from the search link drops off sharply. This traffic is important to everyone, as you do not need to spend anything to obtain this. One of the things that really help in pushing up the rankings is how many other sites refer back to you (known as backlinks). This represents the authority or how other people consider you to be valuable information source. This tool uses a methodology by which it can generate a large number of backlinks for you. It can arrange to have large numbers available to you to boost your ranking for the specific keyword you’re targeting.

They have an index of such backlinks for a range of keyword. You would be able to get this index created for your particular site. WebMeUp will help you with other tasks required for effective SEO. You would be able to evaluate your link profile and see what links might put you at risk. You would be able to download links of any competing site and then acquire the best links they have. You will be able to see unique and SEO-significant backlinks for any site. These functions take care of the major concerns of webmasters. Adding new links every day and also to avoid getting penalized by the search engine algorithms are prime concerns of webmasters. New links get updated frequently and the overall database every 4 days. The links provided are fresh. This is a very good tool.

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Tired of ever switching between different SEO tools to maximize the results? Grab WebMeUp - the most all-round SEO software in the market - and use it on any machine with Internet access!
WebMeUp is cloud-based SEO software and works on your tasks even when you're not at your desk. This means you can be working on additional projects, saving yourself time and effort.
Here's why you can safely dump your old SEO tools once you have WebMeUp. With WebMeUp, you can:
- Keep track of your site rankings (auto-updated daily);
- Instantly check your site's most vital SEO parameters (backlinks, PR, pages indexed, etc.).
- Run a quick 'health check' of your site's architecture;
- Set and measure the KPIs for separate landing pages;
- Research competitor backlinks and discover high-PR link sources for YOUR site;
- Compare your site's overall SEO progress to that of your competition (rankings, social media popularity, etc.);
- Get fresh keyword ideas (10 popular keyword research tools available);
- And more!
Plus, WebMeUp has:
- User-friendly and fully customizable interface;
- Eye-candy widgets that let you digest complex data on the fly;
- A dedicated support team.
And, a no-obligation Free trial is available!
So, what are you waiting for?
Take game-changing WebMeUp SEO tools for a test drive today - start your Free trial now!
WebMeUp Backlink Tool
WebMeUp Backlink Tool
Version 1.17
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